The Power Play Payday 50-50 has been converted to a Progressive 50/50. What does this mean? Bigger Jackpots …More Often!
Sales open today, the Thunder Bay Northstar’s online 50/50 now happens weekly and has bigger guaranteed Jackpots! www.powerplaypayday.com Every Friday at 8pm EST.
Its a neat format.. Here’s the thing for the Progressive 50/50; the trick is to play every week! When you purchase a ticket for a number, that number goes into every draw for a full year regardless of how many draws you buy tickets for. This means there’s a chance that your number can be drawn at any time during that year! If you don’t make a purchase against your ticket and your number is drawn, you’re that draw’s ‘non-winner’ and the money gets put back into the pool and carried into the next draw and you walk away with zilch! No one wants that, right?
If you don’t play, you can’t win! Luckily, purchasing a 50/50 ticket has never been easier! www.powerplaypayday.com